Studies on Hemopoietic Stem Cells CFUc and CFUe in chronic myeloproliferative disorders

Mitsuyuki Fukuda

Abstract :Myeloid precursor (CFUc) and late erythroid precursor (CFUe), serum colony stimulating factor (CSF), anderythropoietin (ESF) were determined in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), primary myelofibrosis (PMF), polycythemia vera (PV) and essential thrombocythemia (ET).
Blood CFUc and CFUe in CML and PMF, marrow CFUc in CML were significantly increased in comparison with those found in normal subjects.
There were wide range of varieties in incidence of CFUc and CFUe in patients with CML in different stages.
The proportion of CFUc in S-phase was diminished in CML and PMF, and that of CFUe in S-phase was also dinimished in CML, PMF and PV.
There were no overt differences in responsiveness of CFUc to CSF in vitro in each disorder.
CFUe in all cases of PV, a part of cases of PMF and ET underwent proliferation without exogenous ESF stimulation, and those findings suggested that present diagnostic criteria may lack the specificity to differentlate those disorders.
There were no correlations between serum CSF levels and number of blood and marrow CFUc, and also no correlations between serum ESF levels and number of CFUe in each disorders.
Possible explanation of the pathologic physiology of the chronic myeloproliferative disorders from the viewpoint of hemopoietic stem cells are discussed