The British military is setting up surface-to-air missiles in residential areas of London. The missile defense system is one of the anti-terrorist measures being deployed for the Olympic Games.
Defence Ministry officials say the system will be in place by the middle of the month. They are installing the missiles in six locations in and around the capital. One site is the roof of a housing complex near the main stadium. Another is a residential square in East London, also near an Olympic venue.
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced the idea last autumn. Ministry officials scouted about 100 possible locations.
But not all residents are happy about the missile shield. About 100 people staged a protest march last weekend. Hammond called the measure a powerful deterrent that will reassure the public.


7/09「大飯原発3号機 発電開始」

A web of power lines crosses Japan, providing electricity to homes and businesses. The power flowing through some of those lines is, once again, from a nuclear source. Operators say a reactor at the Ohi plant in central Japan is now supplying electricity.
Japan has been without nuclear power since May. All reactors in the country have been offline for regular inspections. The government ordered further checks in response to safety concerns after the accident last year at Fukushima Daiichi.
On Sunday, engineers at Ohi fired up the No. 3 reactor for the first time in 15 months. It reached criticality the next day.

(Seishu Makino / Senior Vice Industry Minister)
"It's a relief that we can provide electric power to people in the Kansai area. I want the operations to keep going, with safety as the top priority."

The engineers say they expect the reactor will reach full capacity next Monday. They're scheduled to restart their No. 4 reactor in about two weeks.



The first international research project on longevity has been launched in five countries with high life expectancy rates.
Experts from Japan, France, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland are carrying out the work. They aim to find the reason behind the longevity.
Two hundred and fifty people who'll turn 100 this year will be interviewed in each country about their health and lifestyle. Blood samples will also be taken for genetic analysis.
The research in Japan is being carried out in Tokyo, Okinawa and three other prefectures.
Researchers started visiting the participants at their homes in Tokyo this month. They interviewed the centenarians and their family members about their health, and tested their capacity for exercise and memory.
Professor Yasuhiko Saito of the Nihon University Graduate School is taking part in the project.

(Yasuhiko Saito / Professor, Nihon University Graduate School)
"It is meaningful to study how people can live long and stay healthy."

Professor Saito says the number of people aged 100 or older will continue to rise.


7/05「スー・チーさん 英議会で演説 」

Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has made a rare address to British lawmakers. She said the parliament in London could be a role model for democracy in Myanmar.
More than 700 members from the two chambers gathered in Westminster Hall on Thursday. Aung San Suu Kyi is the only non-head of state and the first foreign female to receive the honor of addressing the Houses of Parliament.

(Aung San Suu Kyi)
"The British Parliament is perhaps the pre-eminent symbol to oppressed peoples around the world of freedom of speech. Our new legislative processes, which undoubtedly are an improvement on what went before, are not as transparent as they might be. I would like to see us learn from established examples of parliamentary democracies elsewhere so that we might deepen our own democratic standards over time."

Aung San Suu Kyi was sworn in as a member of Myanmar's own parliament in May. The country has made reforms to improve democracy, but a quarter of seats are still reserved for the military.


7/04「パナソニックとソニー TVで提携へ」

Two long-time rivals are forging an alliance. Japanese electronics firms Panasonic and Sony are close to collaborating on the next-generation TV set.
The new televisions will feature organic electroluminescence, or OEL, displays. OEL TVs are thinner and show a sharper picture than conventional LCD units. The two firms hope the tie-up will cut costs and speed up development of the product.
This alliance comes as the companies struggle with their TV operations. They aim to catch up with Korean industry, which is leading in OEL TV production.
Panasonic and Sony are also considering joint production of the new TVs.



Egyptians are marking another milestone in the Arab world's democratic transition.
Election officials have declared Mohamed Morsi as the next president. The Muslim Brotherhood leader becomes the first Islamist president in Egyptian history.
Morsi captured more than half the vote in a runoff election a week ago. He defeated Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister under former President Hosni Mubarak. The margin of victory was more than three percentage points.

(Mohamed Morsi / Egyptian president-elect)
"We must unite to rebuild the nation and achieve the goals of the revolution."

The rivalry between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military has defined Egyptian politics for decades. Morsi will become the first president from outside the military in generations.


7/02「消費増税法案 衆院で可決」

A soaring national debt, a growing number of senior citizens, and a sluggish economy. Japanese leaders are looking into the future and seeing red. So they're making moves to shore up the nation's finances.
Members of the Lower House of the Diet have passed a set of bills to double the consumption tax and change the social security system.
One bill would increase the tax on goods and services from five to 10 percent by 2015. Three hundred and sixty-three lawmakers voted in favor of it. Ninety-six voted against it.
Politicians hope the revenues will help them pay down Japan's substantial debt. They also want to cover the rapid rise in spending on things such as pensions.
The opposition Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito party voted with the governing coalition, but according to NHK's count, 57 members of the ruling Democratic Party voted against the consumption tax bill.



The UN Security Council has voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to send observers as soon as possible to monitor the UN-mediated ceasefire in Syria.
It's the first legally-binding resolution that the 15-member council has approved since the Syrian government began a crackdown on rebel forces in March of last year.
Syria's government forces have continued attacks even after President Bashar al-Assad told the UN and Arab League envoy, Kofi Annan, that his troops would halt military operations across the country by last Thursday. Anti-government forces have denounced the government and called on the United Nations to send observers.
The resolution approved on Saturday condemns Assad's government for its brutal crackdown on opposition forces. It calls on the Syrian government to withdraw its troops from urban areas and to halt the use of heavy weapons, including tanks.
The resolution authorizes the dispatch of an advance team of up to 30 unarmed observers to Syria, and the deployment of an observer team immediately after the UN and Syrian government reach an agreement.
Russia and China also supported the resolution, unlike two previous votes in which both countries exercised their veto power.
The unanimous approval by the UN Security Council comes after the death toll in Syria is believed to have topped 9,000.

バ シャール・アル・アサド大統領は、国連とアラブ連盟の合同特使を務めるコフィ・アナン氏(前国連事務総長)に対し、先週木曜日(4月12日)までにシリア 全土で軍事行動を停止すると述べましたが、シリアの政府軍はその後もなお攻撃を続けています。(これに対し)反政府勢力は政府側を非難するとともに、国連 に対し監視団を派遣するよう要請していました。
土曜日(4月14日)に採択された決議は、反政府勢力に対するアサド政権の残忍な弾圧を非難すると ともに、都市部から部隊を撤退させ、戦車などの重火器の使用をやめるようシリア政府に求めています。そして(まず)非武装の先遣隊を最大30人シリアへ派 遣し、国連側とシリア政府側の話しがまとまり次第、速やかに監視団を派遣することを認めるものとなっています。


Last year's disaster led to unprecedented demand for bottled water. Japanese beverage companies are now rushing to satisfy the public's thirst for this basic commodity.
The Mineral Water Association says domestic production and imports of bottled water reached an all-time high last year, rising 26 percent from 2010. Companies as well as households are stockpiling water to better prepare for disaster. Safety is also on people's minds, following the Fukushima nuclear accident.
Suntory Holdings embarked on a water delivery service in March. It rents out dispensers and delivers water, mainly targeting families with children.
Leading green tea vendor Ito En is also focusing on sales of bottled water, increasing the competition in this promising market.

日 本ミネラルウォーター協会によりますと、去年国内で生産されたり、海外から輸入されたりしたミネラルウォーターは、2010年(前の年)より26パーセン ト増えて過去最高になりました。(これは)災害へのより良い備えとして、企業や家庭が水を備蓄しているためで、さらに福島の原子力発電所の事故のあとは、 安全(な水)を求める意識も強まっています。


Japan has signed a deal to finance the construction of a new subway line in Egypt. Tokyo will extend loans totaling 33 billion yen, or 395 million dollars, for the project.
The 17-kilometer underground line will begin operating in 2020. It will connect central Cairo to the Pyramids in half an hour. About 1.35 million passengers and tourists are expected to use the system every day.
Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal El Ganzory and Japan International Cooperation Agency President Sadako Ogata attended a signing ceremony on Monday.

(Sadako Ogata / JICA President)
"I believe people will be quite interested in visiting the Pyramids, riding the subway built with the full support of Japan."

Egypt's International Cooperation Minister Fayza Aboulnaga said she is very grateful for the Japanese aid. She says the metro will boost the Egyptian economy by transporting tourists to the Giza Pyramids outside the capital, Cairo.

月 曜日(3月19日)に行われた調印式には、エジプトのカマール・エル・ガンズーリ首相と国際協力機構の緒方貞子理事長(当時)が出席し、緒方理事長は「日 本の支援で建設された地下鉄に乗ってピラミッドを訪れることは大変に皆さんの興味をそそるものだと思っています」と語りました。

4/18「小澤征爾さん 活動休止」
World-renowned Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa is cancelling all of his conducting engagements for one year due to ill health.
Ozawa's management office said the 76-year-old maestro has not fully recovered after being diagnosed with pneumonia in January. Ozawa has been in poor health since his surgery for esophageal cancer in 2010, though he had returned to the podium.
The cancellations include a series of musical seminars he was to lead in Japan. Also, concerts in June in Germany with the Berlin Philharmonic.
Ozawa said it was a painful decision to make. He said he will undergo physical rehabilitation and dietary therapy so he can take up the baton again in
one year.


4/17「日本のコンビニ カザフスタンへ」

Ministop appears unstoppable as it battles a shrinking domestic market.
It will be the first Japanese convenience store chain in Central Asia after it opens an outlet in Kazakhstan this year.
Ministop, operated by retail giant Aeon, will launch its first outlet in the country's largest city, Almaty. The chain plans to increase the number of stores to around 10 in the following 12 months.
Kazakhstan has a population of 16 million and is experiencing rapid economic growth thanks to its rich natural resources, such as crude oil and uranium.
Ministop's launch in Central Asia is expected to spur competition among Japanese retailers in overseas markets. They are already expanding their business in China, South Korea and Southeast Asia as the Japanese domestic market is projected to shrink.


4/16「ソフトバンク 太陽光発電へ参入」
One of Japan's biggest mobile phone carriers is getting into the solar power business. Softbank says it will build four solar energy plants as it branches into renewable energy ventures.
Construction of two plants starts next month. One plant is in Kyoto, western Japan, and the other is in Gunma, near Tokyo. The company aims to start operations in July and sell the energy to power companies.
Softbank says its station in Kyoto will generate enough electricity to support 1,000 households annually. The Gunma facility will be able to power 640 households.
The schedule to build two other plants in Tokushima Prefecture, western Japan, is not yet decided. It's expected those facilities together will be able to power over 1,500 households.



The first batch of U.S. Marines to be deployed in Australia has arrived in the northern city of Darwin.
The U.S. is increasing its military footprint in the Asia-Pacific region in response to China's growing presence.
U.S. President Barack Obama announced the deployment when he visited Australia last November.
The 200-member infantry landed on Tuesday. A ceremony to mark their arrival will be held on Wednesday.
The United States plans to increase the size of the deployment to 2,500 personnel. The infantry has no heavy equipment, but the country will also bring in artillery and armored vehicles over the next five or six years.
The U.S. military also plans to make greater use of Australian naval and air force bases to boost bilateral defense cooperation.


4/12「スー・チーさん 勝利宣言」

Opposition supporters in Myanmar are celebrating what they say is a landslide victory in parliamentary by-elections. Aung San Suu Kyi is set to take public office for the first time.
NHK World's Chikashi Takaoka reports from Yangon.
The opposition National League for Democracy has announced that its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, will become a lower house member and other NLD candidates are assured of winning many of the 45 contested seats in parliament and local assemblies.

(Chikashi Takaoka / NHK World)
"This is the headquarters of the NLD. Look at this huge number of people singing and dancing at the report of Suu Kyi's victory."

Later in the day, a statement written by Aung San Suu Kyi was read out. She said in the statement that NLD candidates owe their victory to the support they received from the people of Myanmar.
The NLD is expected to occupy a certain portion of the parliament's seats. Attention is focused on how Myanmar's democratization will proceed after the election.



A new report warns that municipalities in western Japan face stronger earthquakes and higher tsunamis than originally estimated. The highest estimated tsunami could reach over 30 meters.
A government panel drew up the estimates based on the assumption that an expected magnitude 9-level earthquake hits central to western Japan.
The revised projection is based on a report released in December on earthquakes along the Nankai Trough. Six hundred and eighty-seven municipalities in 24 prefectures could experience earthquakes with an intensity of six-minus or stronger on the Japanese seismic scale of zero to seven.
As for tsunamis, the panel says 90 municipalities in 11 coastal prefectures in the belt from central to western Japan could be hit by tsunamis higher than 10 meters.
Among them, 23 municipalities could be struck by waves higher than 20 meters.
It says, although Tateyama City near Tokyo is far from the focus of the assumed quake, it cannot rule out a nine-meter tsunami. Tsunamis could measure more than 25 meters in height in Shimoda, nearly 25 meters in Toba, and over 34 meters in the town of Kuroshio.
The panel will compile the report by June. The government will study comprehensive prevention measures based on this report.

政 府の検討会は、東海から西日本にかけてマグニチュード9.0クラスの地震が起きるという仮定の基にこの想定をまとめました。これは12月に公表された(大 規模な地震発生帯である)「南海トラフ」沿いの地震に関する報告書を基に想定を修正したもので、(それによりますと揺れの大きさを)震度0から7までに分 けた日本の基準で、震度6弱以上の強い地震が、24の府県の687の市町村で起きる可能性があります。
検 討会はまた、東京に近い館山市は予想される震源からは遠く離れていますが、9メートルの津波の可能性を排除できないとしています。津波の高さは下田市で 25メートル、鳥羽市で25メートル弱、そして(高知県の)黒潮町では34メートル以上になる可能性があるということです。


Officials at a U.S. nonprofit organization say they have found illegal labor practices like extremely long working hours at plants in China run by a Taiwanese firm for IT giant Apple.
A U.S.-based nonprofit organization, the Fair Labor Association, has investigated the labor practices at Apple's request. A Taiwanese firm, Foxconn, has been producing smartphones ? iPhones ? and iPads for Apple in China.
The association surveyed over 35,000 employees at three plants in China. The group says the investigation has revealed multiple violations of Chinese labor law, including unpaid wages. It has criticized both Foxconn and Apple for poor working conditions at the plants, where it says employee suicides have continued.
Apple has announced that it accepts the survey results.
Foxconn says it will hire tens of thousands of new workers by July next year to reduce working hours at the factories.



Japan's "kawaii" fashion could be catching on in China.
A fashion show promoting cute Japanese clothes for young Chinese women was held in Shanghai on Saturday. Over 8,000 people gathered for the event.
Fashion brands from across the world are competing to promote their products in the growing Chinese market. Amid this trend, a dozen leading Japanese fashion brands for young people took part in the show.
Popular Japanese and Chinese models selected through auditions paraded in frilly dresses, pastel-colored hot pants, and miniskirts.

"I like Japanese clothes and cosmetics. Japanese girls are cute."
"I like Japanese fashion because I am not tall and I adore 'kawaii' clothes."

The organizers say all the clothes in the show can be bought via the Internet.

世 界のファッションブランドは、成長を続ける中国市場に自分たちの製品を売り込もうと、しのぎを削っています。そんな中で、日本を代表する10余りの若者向 けのブランドがこのファッションショーに参加し、オーディションを勝ち抜いた日本と中国の人気モデルたちが、フリルのついたドレスや柔らかい色調のショー トパンツ、そしてミニスカートを着て、次々に登場しました。

4/05「米大統領夫人 桜を植樹」

People in Washington have spent recent weeks enjoying their famous cherry trees.
Thousands of them line the Potomac River. They were a gift from Japan exactly 100 years ago, and first lady Michelle Obama has just added another one.
The cherry trees are a landmark in the U.S. capital. Every spring, people descend on the riverbanks to appreciate this symbol of Japanese culture.
The City of Tokyo presented 3,000 cherry trees to the U.S. capital as a token of friendship. Obama took part in a commemorative event to mark the anniversary. It was held near the site of the original planting by then first lady Helen Taft.

(Michelle Obama / U.S. first lady)
"So many years, these trees have served as a symbol of the great friendship between the United States and Japan, and as a reminder of our shared hopes, dreams, and aspirations."

The first lady said that on this historic anniversary, the American people don't just admire the trees' beauty, but also their resilience.
Framed by the cherry trees, Hideki Togi gave a performance of gagaku, Japanese traditional court music.

(当 時の)東京市は友好のしるしとして、ワシントンに3,000本の桜の木を贈りました。オバマ大統領夫人は、当時のタフト大統領のヘレン夫人が最初に植樹を した場所の近くで行われた100周年の記念式典に参加したもので、「長年にわたり、この桜はアメリカと日本のすばらしい友情の象徴であり、両国が分かち合 う希望や夢や志を思い起こさせてくれるものです」と挨拶しました。

4/04「キャメロン監督 最深の海底に」
"Titanic" director James Cameron has resurfaced after venturing solo to the deepest known area of the world's oceans.
Members of the group backing Cameron's expedition say he reached the sea floor about 320 kilometers southwest of Guam. The director descended more than 10,000 meters in just over two-and-a-half hours. He traveled in a submersible that he helped to design.
Group members say it's the first time in 52 years that a manned vehicle has reached the deepest point of the Mariana Trench.
Cameron spent three hours at the site. He shot 3-D footage and collected sediment samples. Those samples will be used to research deep-sea ecosystems and for geological surveys.

団 体のメンバーはまた、有人の潜水艇がマリアナ海溝の最も深い地点に到達したのは52年ぶりのことで、キャメロン監督は海底に3時間滞在し、(海底の様子 を)3Dカメラで撮影したり、海底の堆積物をサンプルとして採取したりしたと話しています。それらのサンプルは、深海の生態系の研究や地質学の調査などに 活用されることになっています。

4/03「シャープ 台湾メーカーと資本提携へ」
Japanese electronics maker Sharp has announced a capital tie-up agreement with major Taiwanese electronic device manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry.

(Takashi Okuda / General manager, Sharp)
"We'll build a strategic integration, capitalizing on the strength of each company. We'll be able to offer attractive goods and devices for customers in a timely manner."

Takashi Okuda is set to become Sharp's next president. He said on Tuesday that his company will receive 800 million dollars from Hon Hai Group by issuing new shares. That works out to 9.88 percent of its capital.
Sharp is expected to report a record net loss of three-and-a-half billion dollars in the current business year, which ends this month, and this is mainly due to its flagging TV business. Now, with the fresh capital and Hon Hai's low-cost production technology, the company is hoping to strengthen its business base.


4/02「米 世銀総裁候補は韓国系」

The U.S. government has named the man it wants to lead the World Bank. He's an Ivy League college president and global health expert called Jim Yong Kim.

(Barack Obama / U.S. President)
"Jim has spent more than two decades working to improve conditions in developing countries around the world. I do not think that the World Bank could have a better leader."

Kim is a Korean-born American and a pioneer in the treatment of HIV and tuberculosis. He's seen as likely to get European backing to take the World Bank job when the current president steps down in June.
The past 11 presidents of the World Bank have all been U.S. citizens. Developing countries have criticized what they see as an American stranglehold on the job.